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  • ANS Network – Important Changes to the Way You Receive Job Information from the Motoring Organisations

    If you receive your work from the Motoring Organisations electronically, via the ANS Network these imminent changes may well affect your business. The ANS Industry Forum comprises; all of the UK’s Motoring Organisations, representatives of the Recovery Industry and the Software Suppliers to the industry, namely Apex Networks (RMS), MTT (Garage Manager) and Laser Byte […]

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  • IVR confirms Army contract

    The Institute of Vehicle Recovery (IVR) has confirmed that in December 2015 it signed a three year contract with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to carry out training and accreditation of REME recovery mechanics. Training will begin in 2016 when ten REME instructors will be trained to civilian recognised standards and receive the ITSSAR CAT […]

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  • Stop Talking: Start Doing

    I hope Recovery Operators are as impressed as I am with Richard Goddard’s excellent article in last month’s Professional Recovery magazine. Everything was well explained and well written and once again sums the job up. The only trouble is that like some other people and me several times, he is raking over old coals. We […]

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  • Driver Shortage, a Threat to The Recovery Industry

    Industry stalwart Richard Goddard would like the work providers and industry stakeholders to confront driver shortage which threatens the future well-being of the recovery industry. The recovery industry has reached a critical stage in its efforts to stay solvent and maintain its position as Britain’s fourth emergency service! Our ability to grow and flourish has […]

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  • Selective Memory—A good thing

    Christmas once again approaches, for many it means two weeks holiday and plenty of festivities. While for many others it is a case of business as usual, with an even higher workload. Before thinking of our Industry I must say that the Accident and Emergency units are often unreasonably stretched because of people’s stupidity and […]

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  • And Now No Staff

    After last month once again dealing with poor rates and trying to elaborate a little on how things could be improved, I have had one or two encouraging conversations with work providers, but as yet we have not seen any £ signs. Despite some criticism I still hold the view that anybody arriving from another […]

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